Ashton Kutcher reportedly isn’t mad at his ex-wife Demi Moore from dropping several bombshells regarding their marriage in her memoir.

Moore’s book Inside Out: A Memoir, won’t be released until September 24th. However, last week the Ghost actress released some juicy information regarding the book during a The New York Times interview.

She teased a slew of details fans can expect from her memoir, including two bombshells about her marriage to Kutcher. First Moore revealed she suffered a miscarriage during her time with The Ranch star. She was six months pregnant with their daughter when Moore lost the baby.

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Demi Moore is getting used to letting her guard down. After years of scrutiny for her career, relationships and setbacks, the 56-year-old movie star opens up about all aspects of her life in her memoir, “Inside Out.” The book is a candid personal narrative, in which Moore fills in not only the details surrounding the most visible parts of her history — her Hollywood career and her marriages to the actors Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher — but the portions of her life that she once fought to protect, including the confusing and all-too-abrupt childhood that preceded her choppy show-business ascent, and a more recent relapse into substance abuse that nearly tore apart her family. With the publication of the book approaching, Moore said that she was both eager and anxious to finally let audiences see her as she sees herself, without any barriers or artifices. “It’s exciting, and yet I feel very vulnerable,” she said. “There is no cover of a character. It’s not somebody else’s interpretation of me.” Click the link in our bio to read our review and make sure to follow @nytbooks. @ramonarosales took this photo.

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The former Brat Packer also got candid about her young husband cheating on her after the miscarriage. His deception ultimately led to the couple getting a divorce and Moore having a downward spiral for years.

Rumors Kutcher was unfaithful swirled when their marriage ended in 2011. Four years later in 2015, Scott Eastwood spilled the That 70’s Show alum had slept with Eastwood’s then-girlfriend at the time Kutcher and Moore’s marriage imploded.

In light of those two marriage bombshells, fans have been curious as to how Kutcher feels about Moore sharing candid details of their time together. Last spring there were reports he and his current wife, Mila Kunis were freaking out over the memoir.

An insider close to the actor is claiming he is just fine with the news and was well aware of what Moore was saying about him in her book.

“Ashton knew what was coming. He had a heads up on what is in the book. He’s not mad or disappointed. This is Demi’s truth, and he always felt sympathetic toward her. He knows her story and that her upbringing was difficult,” the unnamed source revealed to Us Weekly.

Kutcher know he would not be where he is today without Moore and their time together.

“It’s a chapter of his life that he has moved on from. He’s in a very different place now. But he knows without that experience and relationship he wouldn’t be where he is or who he is. He had to go through it to get to this place, and he’s grateful for it,” the source further shared.

Ashton Kutcher has not spoken out regarding Demi Moore’s soon to be released book, Inside Out: A Memoir. No doubt, once the tell-all is released more details of their time together, will be revealed.

Despite how he may be perceived in the book, Kutcher is reportedly not mad at his ex-wife for telling her story. What do you think, is it true or merely a ploy to distract fans from the fact the actor was a cheater?


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