Kandi Burruss has been on the road with her racy show called Welcome to the Dungeon. Fans all over the place are extremely excited, and they got even more hyped when Kandi kept announcing all kinds of guest stars.

She revealed Tamar Braxton, Tristan Rock Starr, Shamari DeVoe, and more. Now, she revealed the latest guest star: Tammy Rivera.

‘My girl @charliesangelll is joining us to perform at my dungeon party May 17th in DC & May 18th in NYC!!!!’ Kandi captioned her post on IG.

People are excited that she’s inviting so many fine ladies on the show.


Someone said ‘@kandi That’s what I love about you… You give everybody work… You are about your coins and letting others get theirs… You shine from the back… Keep lifting women, babes.’

Another follower posted ‘@kandi we need another trip to the Dungeon here in The A. All these special guests in these other cities….we mad Sis 🤣

A commenter wrote ‘You stay putting your friends on and uplifting women!! You da best, @kandi!’

One sad fan complained about the lack of tickets: ‘There are no more NY tickets and I really want to go. I finally got off work. @kandi please help. I’ve supported all your events in the tristate area and I don’t want to miss out 😭😭😭

Other than this, Kandi has something else on her mind as well – her family. She just celebrated Riley Burruss’ Honors Dinner at her school.

She could not be prouder of her daughter, and she made sure to mark this important event by sharing a few gorgeous photos of the moment on her social media account.

Todd Tucker and little Ace Wells Tucker were, of course, also present.



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