Kourtney Kardashian thinks that someone close has been stealing for her! In a teaser for the upcoming KUWK episode, the reality TV star realizes there is cash missing from her wallet!

While Kourt and her sister Khloe were joking around and talking about ‘retiring’ the latter’s iconic cookie jars, Kourtney’s assistant, Megan comes in with the worrisome news: ‘Kourt? So, we discovered there was some cash missing from your wallet. So, I do not know if you spent it out the other night?’

‘Umm, I specifically handed $20 to the valet, and I had hundreds, and I just threw them back into my bag,’ the mother of three tells her assistant who assures her that there is no more money in the bag.

‘Is there any chance you could have lost the money? Like, do you think it fell, or…,’ she goes on to ask.

‘It was definitely there. You know when you just know? Like, I know for a fact. That is crazy! I don’t know.’

But, as it turns out, the money is not even the first and only thing that went missing from Kourtney’s possession recently!

The star said during a confessional that an iPad went missing from her home as well so she thinks it was definitely not a coincidence.

What is scary is that, as she went on to specify, she has people she trusts going in and out of her house every day.

Obviously, it would be really disappointing and hurtful to discover that someone from her inner circle has been stealing from her.


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