As you may have already heard, Prince Harry and his little family comprised of wife Meghan Markle and son Archie Harrison are moving away from their royal responsibilities. At the same time, it’s a way for them to no longer be the target of the media, or at least not so often!

It’s no secret that Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, lost her life in a tragic accident that was pretty much caused by the media’s scrutiny!

In other words, it seems like the new dad wants to protect Meghan from suffering the same fate!

At least this is what a Royal family expert claims!

Psychiatrist Meredith Sagan, explained via HollywoodLife that Harry’s choice to step away from the royal circle could very well be a result of his PTSD over his mom’s tragic passing.

The beloved Princess Diana died in 1997 while being chased by the paparazzi and Harry was no older than 12 at the time it happened.

‘PTSD involves a sense of hyper vigilance, having startle response, flashbacks, nightmares, and essentially because the clicks of the camera take him way back into his history, that makes me think that he does have an element of PTSD. Which would make sense because if he was exposed to images of his mother, of her death, of the chaos surrounding it when he was a child, he would have PTSD from that,’ the expert explained.

‘And so part of PTSD is this hyper-awareness and this psychological fight or flight response. And, it would make sense then that their departure would be related to a post-traumatic stress disorder,’ she went on to dish.

Sure enough, this is not a big surprise as Harry himself has admitted before that he is well aware and pays a lot of attention to all the dangerous aspects of being in the spotlight due to his mom’s passing.


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